Bear Kristina

Bear Kristina

The female Himalayan brown bear (Dzu-Teh) came to our sanctuary in August 2017

Born in 1996, Kristina is the oldest resident at our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr. 

For a very long time Kristina suffered a horrifying life, forced to perform in circuses, restaurants and kept in the back of her owner's van, in darkness and high temperatures during the 'performance season'. In the cold winter, she was placed in a tiny hut next to a fish farm in a Ukrainian town. Sleeping on nothing but a wet concrete floor, darkness, and just surviving without any proper food!  

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Kristina in her new home

Those dark days has ended for bear Kristina, when the FOUR PAWS team rescued her and ensured a safe home for her at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr. 

Today, Kristina is in good health condition; however, she is getting treatment for her arthroses. She loves to swim multiple times a day. Even when the weather is not so warm, it doesn't bother her, as she still swims a lot and feels much better afterwards.

Facts about Kristina

  • Her favourite foods are red fish and peaches
  • Despite her age and health issues, Kristina is quite active and brave
  • She enjoys swimming and playing in the water

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In her new home, she can now rest in an environment suited to her species

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