ECO-TRAIL "Picturesque   Roztochchya 

The route of the ecological trail was created next to the BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr 

Here you can go directly to the route 

The combination of three geographical zones on the territory of Roztochchia: Polissia, Podillia and the Carpathians resulted in a great diversity of flora and fauna. On the route, you will see: 

  • An interesting floral combination, a unique place where beech and periwinkle grow, listed in the Green Book of Ukraine, and especially in spring, the periwinkle is covered like a purple blanket
  • A huge number of ephemeroids - early flowering plants, listed in the Red Book of Ukraine
  • The habitat of three types of trees: oak, beech and pine, found only in Roztochchia and Crimea
  • Different species of birds, especially most species during spring and autumn migration 
  • Forest animals, and many traces of forest animals that you will see on the way
  • Rock which are the most interesting object on the route with a mysterious origin
  • Trees on the eco trail near sanctuary

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