"Animals in War"

It is a mobile exhibition that highlights moments from animal rescue.

Today's events present us with new challenges. As a result of armed aggression, everyone suffers, including animals that need help. Their lives depend on us, people, because they are "silent victims" who experience difficult events due to war with fear and emotions.    We have collected more than 20 sensational stories from the rescue of now rescued animals from hot spots of Ukraine: Kyiv region, Donetsk region, Kharkiv region, Luhansk region, Irpin city, Kramatorsk city, Mykolaiv city, etc. Among the various photo-stories, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the story of the rescue of the bear “Bakhmut” from the city of the same name. Together with the UAnimals organization and the "Shelter for Wild Animals" Foundation, we rescued a bear that was abandoned in a private homestead under shooting in the Donetsk region.  
In the BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr, we gave him home and did everything necessary for the bear to recover from stress. At the beginning of the war, sanctuary became a refuge for bears from the "White Rock" shelter. 
Since the start of the war, FOUR PAWS, together with partners, have been providing aid: providing essential items and veterinary care. After visiting the exhibition, you will see and feel the experienced pain of everyone. You will learn how to prepare yourself, what to put and how to pack the essentials in an emergency suitcase for a pet.   Materials for the exhibition from FOUR PAWS, Ukrainer, Zoo Patrol, Fund "Dlia Dobra", UAnimals, Fund "Shelter for Wild Animals", Home of rescued animals, etc.

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