Kids at our Forest School

Forest school

Forest School is an eco-educational project of BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr aimed at teaching school children to love nature and to develop their social responsibility. 

In a real forest classroom among the picturesque nature of Roztochchya, we conduct "live" lessons in nature for children. The forest classroom contains specially arranged places for pupils and teacher and also has educational and play areas, educational stands and tables for interactive classes. 

  • Study area is designed for 60 pupils.

By previous order, teachers of the Forest School of our sanctuary will conduct interactive lessons of natural orientation for schoolchildren. 

We offer a series of quests and quest-lessons "FLORA AND FAUNA OF ROZTOCHCHYA". Sports-intellectual tasks in the basis of which the issues on environmental topics and determination of interconnections in nature are raised. 


"Journey to the Forest" 

Age of participants - 7 - 9 years. 

An exciting eco-educational journey through a picturesque area, forest labyrinths that are  accompanied by research logical tasks. 

"Our green friends" 

Age of participants - 10 - 13 years. 

You will get to know the diverse region of Roztochchya, and find out what it hides in itself. While completing this quest, you can learn about plants that grow on the territory of the shelter and are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. 

"Living environment" 

Age of participants is 14-15 years. 

The task of determining ecological relations between the environment and organisms. You will unravel a complex ecological chain and determine what important role the bear plays in nature. 


"Bear Path" 

Age of participants is 14-15 years 

After the tour, to consolidate knowledge, we offer a quest where you will learn everything about the life of bears from birth to mature life. You will become young mathematicians and try to solve a creative equation, the result of which will be the mass of the bear "Potap". 

"We recognize and protect" 

Age of participants - 10-13 years 

Through the pages of the Red Book through the forest labyrinth, you will plunge into a world where animals are treated with care. You, little scientists, will try to determine the reasons for the disappearance of animals in nature. 

"Bear path" 

Age of participants is 7-9 years 

The maximum number is 10 people, 

You will be little detectives, with a magnifying glass in your hands, will follow for the bear's path. Difficult tasks and a long journey await you ahead. Use your observation because there will be bears on your way. You also need to be very brave to enter the bear's den, not get lost in the maze and get to the bear's mail. 

  • You can order lessons or reserve a school class by calling +380 67 509 3058. 

In addition, for children, we offer an educational excursion around the forest enclosures with bears, interesting master classes, sports entertainment on the forest lawn, and complex lunches in our "Honey and Berry" cafe. 

Cost of services: 

Participation in an interactive lesson - 120 UAH/person. Group size up to 30 people. 

Duration – 45 minutes 

Lessons are held only by previous appointment by phone. +38067 509 3058.

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