Cafe Honey and Berry

Honey and Berry

Our cafe, Honey and Berry, offers both indoor and outdoor seating so that every guest can find the right place to sit and enjoy their lunch 


Due to the current situation, the BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr is closed for visitors until further notice. We will give regular updates. Please stay safe and take care of yourselves and your families.

The cafe

The indoor café can comfortably seat 25 guests in our rustically designed dining space that has been furnished with long benches and cozy chairs. 

Only foods purchased from the café may be consumed in the dining area. Thematic alcoves in the outside seating area of the café make the hospitality area even more attractive. 

In the alcoves, which our visitors can rent in advance for a special occasion or event, guests can either bring their own food or can purchase directly from our cafe. Our alcoves can accommodate small parties to larger groups of up to 30 people. Please make sure to reserve your alcove in advance!

Among them, you can find:

  • Boykivsky Porch – A traditional garden house which was built in the Carpathian style and is designed to seat 12-14 guests.
  • The House of Chugaister – is designed to look like a dwelling of the Woodman Chugaister and is designed for up to 14 people. The view from this garden house especially excites.
  • Potap’s Den – Can accommodate large groups of up to 30 people. The Den is named after Potap, our first rescued bear and maybe also the funniest bear in our sanctuary.  It was built from oak logs and branches by a local master. Potap’s Den invites guests to while away the afternoon enjoying absolute privacy and tranquility within our forest alcove.
  • Wonderland – Has 3 tables that seat up to 10 people each. There is also a slide for children, a sandbox, and a trampoline to keep our little guests entertained as well. It’s the perfect alcove for school groups or for families with small children.
  • Yavoriv Box – Is a completely closed garden house where our guests can comfortably while away the day in any kind of weather. The Yavoriv Box is designed to look and feel like the traditional Ukrainian wooden toy with its colourful and folkloric paintings. This is where we offer our master classes on traditional handicrafts but is also the perfect location for family gatherings and meetings among friends. It can host approximately 25 guests at one time.
  • Zhornyska Corner – Is the garden house which is situated in our Barbeque Zone. The Zhornyska Corner is the ideal setting for more intimate gatherings of up to 10 guests. It is named after the village of Zhornyska, which is situated near BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr.
  • Green Corner – are with a several  tables, where you can sit comfortably while enjoying a refreshing beverage or enjoying a vegetarian snack from our café, Honey and Berry.                                            
  • Barbeque Zone – This area is only used on weekends when we barbeque sustainably farmed meats from local farmers and fresh vegetables. On weekdays you may order a brazier and wood in our bistro. Special events, such as birthday parties, corporate events, or other gatherings are possible and must be booked well in advance.

We have the widest range of alcoholic beverages and there is a rule for consumption of alcohol brought with you, require a payment for a «cork».  Please ask our bartender for details.


Birthdays, corporate events and various thematical events are available. 

For more information, please call +380 67 509 3058

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