In Memorial

In the sanctuaries of FOUR PAWS we provide lifelong care for the rescued animals. This page is a tribute to all bears at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr that passed away. 


We are heartbroken! 

Our Himalayan brown bear Kristina recently was in great discomfort. After trying everything to make her feel better but without result, we had to let her go.The 27-year-old bear, before the rescue in 2017, suffered a horrifying life. She was forced to perform in circuses, restaurants and was kept in the back of her owner`s van, in darkness and high temperatures during the “performance season”. In the cold winter, she was placed in a tiny hut next to a fish farm in Ukrainka town.The lovely bear has had numerous health issues since her arrival at the sanctuary. She suffered from hip arthrosis, degenerative changes in the wrist of her left front paw, liver disease, cataract in her remaining eye, while her right eye was surgically removed earlier due to glaucoma; she was almost completely blind!
Rest in peace, beautiful soul! 

More information about Kristina.

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