THE Bear Sanctuary DOMAZHYR Team

Teamwork for our bears

A day at the BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr is a special experience not only for visitors but also for us. We are glad to introduce ourselves:

Ihor Nykolyn, Director

Đ¢aras Boiko, Deputy Director

Natali Stoiko, Hospitality Manager

Snizhana Palazhchenko, Marketing Manager 

Nataliya Halayko, Chief Animal Carer

Roman Kostiv, Roman Hanas & Pavlo Fedoriv lovingly care for the bears and share their observations of the animals.

Ivan Pavlyk, Facility Manager

Anastasiya Balandiukh, Guide. Anastasiya can tell the most inquisitive visitor everything they want to know about bears.

Vasyl Maksymiv & Andriana Stoiko. Our hospitable receptionist and souvenir shop assistant.

Marina Shkvyria, associated FOUR PAWS bear expert.