Animals in war time

Animals in war time

Animals always been involved in the war and played an important role in It. 


Animals always been involved in the war and played an important role in It.   

Since Ramses II where his lion fought with him, to WWII where elephants from circus cleared bomb damage in Germany, camels transported ammunition and fuel at the south of the USSR to our times where dogs helping detect bombs and serve as a rehabilitation for soldiers and civilians.  

    Fighting effects animals as much as humans sometimes even more. Since the beginning of war in Ukraine thousands of pets left Ukraine with their owners. A lot of cats and dogs found themselves on the street, losing their owners and housing. But even in those dark times we have a fascinating story of dogs helping Ukrainian people.   

 The main search tool for a dog is, of course, the sense of smell. He is 250,000 times stronger than a human. Despite the advanced technology, no one can detect drugs or explosives better than dogs. 

In Rivne together with police on a duty also two German shepherds – Voyin and Tirone. Cytologists with their companions inspect vehicles at checkpoints, inspect areas to identify explosives and dangerous objects, as well as involved in the searches. These dogs have a military experience, in 2017 Tirone served at the ATO in the East of Ukraine.   

6-year-old Labrador Krasavchyk is also one of the four-paws “defenders". 

Previously, the dog lived with the couple, and now he helps to console the defenders on the front line. Solders say that pet not only play with them but helps them on their missions. In one of that mission dog saved the life of his owner when the last one was on open fire.   

Their loyalty is all-encompassing, and we have a lot to learn from them.      

Animals even in war time improve the welfare of humans in many ways, ranging from providing companionship, improving mental health, facilitating rescues during disasters. Dogs used in therapy, and as aids for people with disabilities, provide important benefits in war time. 

In turn, people show great support and compassion for animals who lost their homes and food due to the war. The international organization Four Paws has already donated more than 60 tons of food to Ukrainian shelters and zoos. There are many videos in internet where Ukrainian army saving dogs and cats and pets lovely staying with them in difficult times.  

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