Bear Bakhmut


Bakhmut came to our sanctuary on September 8, 2022


The bear was abandoned at a private location in the war-torn Donets region, our team on site didn`t hesitate to step in and offer him a new home!

Bear Bakhmut, who was named after the place he was rescued from, was found stressed and malnourished in his destroyed enclosure with a broken roof. After being left to his own devices, the bear was fed by the Ukrainian military for the last couple of days. It took some time for Bakhmut to be able to explore the outdoors, but now, after a few weeks, he is much calmer and has more courage towards exploring new enrichment and other treats offered to him.

Facts about Bakhmut

  • He is very calm 
  • Favourite food: fish, carrot and tomatoes 

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In her new home, he can now rest in an environment suited to his species

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