Bear cub Nara in the enclosure at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh

Animals Doing Yoga

Sometimes our rescued animals are caught on camera in all kinds of shapes!


Yoga - the ancient form of exercise for increased strength, flexibility and breathing techniques. Our gallery shows the rescued animals in our sanctuaries are clearly working hard on practicing these ancient old skills to feel good mentally and physically!

Bear Eddie enjoying stretching in his pool
Lioness Simona working on her flexibility at LIONSROCK
Bear Tomi motivates hope to stretch daily
Bear Ida trying to keep balance in BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz
Bear Vinzenz reaching for his toes at BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach
Lionesses Luna and Elsa playing in the grass
Bear Jerry at Arbesbach rolling in the grass
Tiger Caruso demonstrates a back stretch
Lion at LIONSROCK rolling in the grass
Lion Bobby streching in FELIDA
Bear Mui at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh sitting by a pond peacefully
Bear Hopes Yoga thoughts at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina - Breath in, breath out, whats for dinner?
Bear Erich at BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach, Austria
Lioness Simona at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary
Lioness at Al Ma'Wa for Nature and Wildlife, Jersah, Jordan
Tigers Shevar & Sharukh at LIONSROCK in Bethlehem, South Africa
Zita, Mirza and Rafik in their enclosure at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary
Lion Richard in LIONSROCK
Bear Cub Trio Collection (Mochi, Nikko and Nara) in  outdoor enclosure at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh
Mirza laying in his enclosure at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

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Our rescued animals were given a second chance at life because of the compassion of our wonderful supporters!

Jerry enjoying life in the pond

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