Bear Manya

Oct 2017


Rescue Bear Manya

Ukrainian restaurant bear rescued by FOUR PAWS


Right after Tyson's rescue, it was brown bear Manya's turn to leave her tiny cage forever. Manya was kept at a restaurant next to a shopping centre in Lviv and abused for entertainment. Her owner bought the approximately 16-year-old bear for this purpose when she was only a three-year-old cub. 

“Luckily, Manya’s owner was cooperative... we hope that this is also a sign of a change in thinking in the country. No bear should have to serve as entertainment for restaurant guests.”

Carsten Hertwig, bear expert at FOUR PAWS

Watch Manya's journey from a small cage in a shopping centre to her final home.

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At last, Manya's former prison was destroyed forever

Due to complex circumstances during the vet check, the team had to destroy parts of the cage to move Manya into her crate for transport. Right after loading her onto the truck bringing her to BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr, her former prison was destroyed forever. In its place, a playground will be built next to the restaurant.


FOUR PAWS has constructed a bear sanctuary near the Ukrainian city of Lviv. BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr currently covers 7.7 hectares and provides a species-appropriate home to bears rescued from deplorable keeping conditions. Over the next few years, the sanctuary will be extended to cover twenty hectares, with space for thirty long-suffering bears. By constructing BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr, FOUR PAWS has created a sustainable home for rescued bears, and is thus assisting the Ukrainian government in its efforts to implement the ban on keeping bears for bear-baiting. Manya is the eighth resident at the BEAR SANCTUARY, and now lives a peaceful life in a near-natural environment.

Support Manya’s New Life

Make sure that Manya can forget her terrible past. 


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