Safety and security


Dangerous wild animals should be properly cared for within high standard enclosures and qualified staff


Keeping wild animals in a cage in the middle of a restaurant yard, providing free access of visitors to the bars, staff petting wild animals, or allowing visitors to feed wild animals, these are all clear indicators that an establishment is not following proper safety and security measures. Another indication that an establishment is not reputable is if staff refuses to show vaccination papers for the animals in their care. Visitors should be aware that such facilities can be a very dangerous place.  

Visitors to such establishments are unnecessarily exposed to a very dangerous situation which could, under the circumstance lead to risk injury, or property damage or even worse, to death. death. Such keepings are dangerous for animals, too because bear can be traumatized in a bad cage, escape and get killed by the police, it can suffer from junk food or lack of proper veterinary care. 

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