Saddest bears



This project aims to raise awareness for the poor private keeping conditions of captive brown bears and wild animals in general in Ukraine.  Currently, around 60 bears are still kept in private captivity under poor keeping conditions in Ukraine: at hunting stations in danger to be illegally used as bait to train hunting dogs; in private collections; in circuses; at entertainment and leisure facilities. As a result of such animal abuse, many bears suffer and require rescue and rehabilitation in specialized centres called Sanctuaries or Rehabilitation centres.  

Bodya | Looking back

Looking back

Sometimes, you need years to change laws or public opinions, and it is very important to look back and see what was accomplished.  

Bodia | Bear biology

Bear biology

Bears are big carnivoran mammals with a complicated nutrition strategy

Safety and security

Safety and security

Dangerous wild animals should be properly cared for within high standard enclosures and qualified staff

Bear Laska | Vicious circle

Vicious circle

Problems of improper keeping conditions of brown bears and how to recognize it


Wild animal breeding

Do we really need to breed brown bears, lions and tigers for conservation purposes, since not many of them are left in the wild?


Improper bear keepings

The problem of cruel treatment of wild animals in Ukraine is a very challenging subject and one that must be clearly identified in order to find a long-term solution. In order to solve this problem, we need to know more about it.