Bear Laska | Vicious circle


Problems of improper keeping conditions of brown bears and how to recognize it


Many bears are kept in bad conditions, where they are also bred and sold to circuses, hunting stations, private collections or even for their meat. Wild animal commercial trade always requires new resources; thus, animals are bred without considering their health or genetic problems or smuggled from abroad. In addition, poachers get bear cubs from the wild. Private zoos, hunting stations and illegal breeding stations are often used to cover illegal wild animal commercial trade. Please do not fall victim of supporting the illegal wildlife trade by avoiding private zoos and circuses.

One can easily distinguish a proper sanctuary from a dubious private zoo. It is especially easy to do if there are bear cubs present - Just ask the owner what the future of the bear cubs will be. There are no reintroduction programmes for brown bears in Ukraine. Ukrainian brown bears are not part to official zoo breeding programmes since there are plenty of bears in Romanian and Slovakian zoos. Therefore, you can imagine the sad future of such bear cubs – either death or a new vicious circle begins. There are already more than 70 rescued bears in Ukrainian sanctuaries. Please do not increase this number! 

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