1. Please send us an email at or leave us a message on our Facebook page. If the bear is still not in our database, we will add it and consider its status, as there are so many bears in private keeping and we need time to build enclosures for them. We need the following information about the bear: photo, video, gender, and age of the bear, description, and size of the cage or enclosure as well as protective barriers, the bear’s name, the owner’s contact details, and the exact address of the keeping or its GPS-coordinates.
  2. If you witness an act of cruelty towards an animal (beating, using it as bait for hunting dogs, forcing it to drink alcohol, etc.) please try to record it on video and call the police. The video will be helpful in court proceedings. Cases of cruelty towards animals are within the competence of the National police of Ukraine. Such treatment shall be identified in Article 89 of the Code of Administrative infringements of Ukraine as Cruelty towards Animals and respective Article 299 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Furthermore, according to Article 25 of the Ukrainian Law “On Protection of Animals from Cruelty” it is prohibited to kill, harm, traumatize, or cause pain to animals at sporting events, shows, video recordings or photo sessions.
  3. If you see a bear cub being used in a town for taking pictures with it, call the police. According to Article 16, part 1, paragraph 8 of the Ukrainian Law “On Urban Amenities” it is prohibited to pasture cattle, to walk or train animals in towns except for in special areas. Infringers can be penalized with 20 to 80 minimum income rates (equivalent of EUR 13 to 50 approx.) according to Article 152 of the Code of Administrative Infringements of Ukraine.
  4. If you see a bear being kept in poor conditions in a restaurant, hotel, or other public place, please raise a voice for it and send an official request to the State environmental inspectorate of Ukraine in your city or region to stop violation of Article 25 of the Ukrainian Law “On Protection of Animals from Cruelty”.

Thank You very much on behalf of all #saddestbears!

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