Do we really need to breed brown bears, lions and tigers for conservation purposes, since not many of them are left in the wild?


Circus and private zoo owners often say that they invest in conservation of species by keeping and breeding wild animals. It seems logical to breed animal species which disappear in the wild, but the truth is that it does not work like that.

To preserve a species in captivity, huge scientific, financial and personnel resources are required. Conservation programmes are often managed by big scientific institutions specialised in genetic, behavioural, and ecological research. As a rule, such activities are coordinated with governmental conservation strategies and respective legislative changes and implementations, in cooperation with international organisations competent in this field. 

It is quite obvious that such important questions are hardly considered in circuses and private collections where inbreeding is often practiced. Wild animals from hunting stations and restaurants will never be released into the wild, and entertainment facilities do not cooperate with international conservation organisations. As we mentioned before, all animals born in circuses and private zoos have to suffer and take part in this vicious circle. Their breeding only increases risks for nature as it creates pathological mutations as well as encourages poaching to refuel resources. 

The best thing one can do to preserve bears is to join our initiatives to stop commercial wild animal trade and reduce breeding in private zoos and improper keepings. 

In rehabilitation centres, like BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr, wild animals are always sterilised. Why? 

  • We do not want to increase the numbers of captive bears; 
  • Genetic origin of rescued bears, their state of health and behaviour will not allow them to survive in the wild; 
  • Sterilised brown bears are safer to live in groups in big forest enclosures. 

Every wild animal deserves the right to live in a species-appropriate environment – even if it cannot give birth to other animals or be released back into the wild.

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