FACTS About Brown BEars

Brown bears are remarkable!

Bear Bodia

10 Facts About Brown Bears

Intriguing facts about Europe's largest predator

Bear eating a tomato

Brown Bear: Food & Feeding Behaviour

Facts about bear's diet and foraging behaviour that might surprise you

Bear is sitting in the grass

Brown Bear: Way of Life & Offspring

A year in the life of a brown bear in the wild – from mating to winter sleep

Bears sitting in snow

Brown Bear: Torpor or Hibernation?

How bears doze through the cold season – eating nothing for up to three months

Meet our bears
 Brown bear Bodia playing in the pond

Our Standards of Care

FOUR PAWS strives to offer the best possible quality of life and care to all bears

Bear in a cage

Help for Bears

Improving the living conditions of bears in captivity worldwide 

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