Bear Leo

Bear Leo

The male brown bear came to our sanctuary in September 2020 

Leo was born in 2014. He lived his whole life in a closed concrete enclosure on the territory of the presidential residence 'Syniogora' Ivano-Frankivsk region. He and Melanka were found as bear cubs abandoned in a landfill in a nearby village, where they were looking for food.

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Leo in his new home

Leo loves the large forest enclosure. He spends his days playing and enjoys swimming in the pool. He is in good shape and looking healthy.

He and Melanka have a very good appetite; they eat twice a day. Leo is especially always in a playful mood, he also likes to be near Melanka and play with her a lot. When she is showing stereotypical behaviour, Leo tries to distract her, for example the caretakers have seen him lying in the path (where Melanka is pacing) trying to reach out to her.

Facts about LEO

  • Lived on the presidential residence 'Syniogora'
  • Loves to swim
  • His favourite food are salmon, peanuts and apples

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In his new home, he can now rest in an environment suited to her species

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