Bears Jenny, Tobi and Moris at  BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr

Bears jenny, toby and moris

The cubs came to our sanctuary in July 6, 2021

Previously the three bear cubs were kept in a contact zoo near Kyiv, Ukraine.

Forced to serve as selfie objects and being petted by the zoo visitors each and every day, they never experienced what a young bear’s life should feel like. Their lives thankfully took a positive turn when animal welfare activists became aware of the cubs, and later being able to bring them to WHITE ROCK Bear Shelter.

Now, their life has taken a completely different turn. They are enjoying every single moment since their arrival at their forever home. These three adorable cubs are already very comfortable in their new enclosure, where they spend a lot of time in their pool and playing with enrichment and each other.   

The caretakers have already noticed that Jenny is the boss among the three. She sets the tone and dominates the games. Moris and Toby don't seem to mind at all.   

Currently they are being fed with a specific diet appropriate for their age, and all of them have great appetite.   

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Facts about our bear cubs

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In their new home, they can now rest in an environment suited to their species.

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