Bear Jenny


The cub came to our sanctuary in July 6, 2021


Previously the three bear cubs were kept in a contact zoo near Kyiv, Ukraine.

Forced to serve as selfie objects and being petted by the zoo visitors each and every day, they never experienced what a young bear’s life should feel like. Their lives thankfully took a positive turn when animal welfare activists became aware of the cubs, and later being able to bring them to WHITE ROCK Bear Shelter.

Jenny lives together with Andor, Toby and Moris and seems she is the boss of this group. She sets the tone and dominates the games. Moris and Toby don't seem to mind at all.   She is very playful, likes to climb trees and swim in the pond.

Favorite foods are: carrots, apples, eggs and fish.

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Facts about our bear Jenny

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In her new home, she can now rest in an environment suited to her species.

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