Bear Andor at  BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr

Bear Andor

The male brown bear came to our sanctuary in June 2021

In 2020, we rescued bears Frol and Frosia from a barren concrete enclosure at a hotel and restaurant in Skole, Ukraine. We brought them to our BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr, where they experienced for the first time what a proper bear life can look like. 

Back then, we couldn’t rescue their parents Sirko and Ruta. But we never gave up on them either. We worked relentlessly to be able to give them a better life too. And we have amazing news, we now have the unique chance to get them out of there and reunite them with their family! 

But Sirko and Ruta weren't the only bears there anymore. We were surprised to hear that Ruta gave birth to a cub in January. Poor little Andor was taken away from his parents and hand raised. Finally, on 22nd of June 2021 we managed to rescue them and bring them to our sanctuary. 

Cub Andor seems to be healthy, he will be microchipped, vaccinated, and dewormed.  

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Andor in his new home

He quickly learned his new environment. Andor likes to play and explore all the enrichments prepared by our caretakers for him.

Update July 2021

Only about two weeks since his arrival at the sanctuary and Andor has settled in nicely at his new home and loves swimming and climbing the structures. 

He is joyful and compensating already the sad days with the happy ones. He has a great appetite and some of his favourite treats so far are peaches and apples.

Facts about Andor

  • Came to sanctuary from Skole, Lviv region, Ukraine
  • Born in 2021
  • His favourite treats so far are peaches and apples

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In his new home, he can now rest in an environment suited to his species

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