Laska is a 10-year-old brown bear


Born 2011

Laska is a brown bear who is approximately nine years old. She arrived at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr in February 2019. Laska lived for years in unacceptable conditions in the run-down Pokrovsk Zoo near the town of Donetsk. Previously she was kept as a baiting bear and abused to train hunting dogs. In her new home, she can now rest in a species-appropriate environment.

Due to her past experiences, Laska doesn’t trust humans, however, with the qualified care, proper nutrition, and the species-appropriate environment that she has been given at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr, we are hopeful that Laska will learn to trust humans again. 

Laska’s favorite foods are: nuts, pears, apples, and fish.


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In her new home, she can now rest in an environment suited to her species.

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