Bear Mykhailo

Bear Mykhailo

The male brown bear came to our sanctuary in October 2020

Mykhailo was born in 2008, After falling from a tree and severely injuring his hind paw and other parts of the body, he was voluntarily handed over by the owner to us, in order to provide professional veterinary care and professional supervision for his speedy recovery. While still a bear cub and weaned from his mother at a young age, he got to the recreation center. He lived in a small cage near a car parking and the constant presence of visitors of this complex.

Mykhailo in his new home

Mykhailo was prescribed a special course of treatment and we have a positive result: the wounds have healed, and he can already walk on his cured paw. After undergoing treatment, in January 2021, he went to his first winter hibernation. 

He recently had three toes amputated as they were damaged from his previous injury, although he is doing great, he will go through a long rehabilitation period, which can take some time.

Facts about Mykhailo

  •  He has three toes amputated
  • He is very playful, and very strong
  • He loves branches from the pine trees and his caretakers see him often playing with them

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In his new home, he can now rest in an environment suited to his species

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