Bear Nastia


The female brown bear came to our sanctuary in September 2017

In May 2012, the four-month-old female bear cub was brutally snatched from her mother in Lutsk zoo and forced into a transport box that was way too small. Traders had bought her illegally so that she would pose for tourists for a small fee.

We were able to rescue Nastia and bring her temporarily to BEAR RESCUE CENTRE 'Nadiya' in November 2012, to be transferred later on and live her life at the sanctuary in Domazhyr.

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Nastia in her new home

Now rescued and living at the BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr, she likes to inspect any new objects such as toys or new constructions in her enclosure. She then arranges them the way she likes.

Nastia is quite a curious bear! She always likes to know what is going on around her, any noises or bears from the other enclosures that she can see will draw her attention and she likes to be involved by standing up, running or climbing the trees for a better look/view. 

Today, at the sanctuary in Domazhyr, Nastia continues her happy life, together with her friend Bodia.

Facts about Nastia

  • Her favourite foods are nuts and grapes
  • She likes confronting Potap, her 'first neighbour' across the fence
  • She lives with bear Bodia

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In her new home, she can now rest in an environment suited to her species

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