Bear Tyson

Bear Tyson 

The male brown bear came to our sanctuary in October 2017

For sixteen long years, bear Tyson suffered in a dilapidated cage at a remote hunting station in western Ukraine, where he was illegally exploited for bear-baiting. He had been brutally snatched away from his mother as a bear cub and brought to the lodge. Typically, such stations are used to train hunting dogs to attack bears. 

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Tyson in his new home

At the BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr, Tyson slowly learnt to trust humans. He is self-confident, well-balanced and a bit shy.

After lengthy observation of the behaviour of bears Tyson and Mashutka, the team at our sanctuary decided to socialise the bears. Now he lives peacefully with his friend Mashutka. They are seen playing together and relaxing next to each other a lot. Last winter Mashutka managed to dig her own den. However, lazy Tyson took her den and spent the winter months in there.

Facts about Tyson

  • He likes vegetarian food best: nuts, pears, apples and salads
  • Tyson's favourite activity is exploring enrichment, especially with toys and in his pool
  • He lives with female bear Mashutka

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In his new home, he can now rest in an environment suited to his species


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